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Developing a Third country national Support Network in Malta

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Developing a third country national support network in Malta

The development of TSN Malta started through an EEA funded project led by the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM). The project started in September 2014 and will end in February 2016. Its aim is that of empowering TCNs living in Malta to represent their own interests effectively by using democratic, organisational and representation processes to build coalition, network and support. This project brings cultures together in the same room to create an inter-cultural dialogue focusing on various elements of network development such as organisational conflicts, human rights and priorities of integration. Through this process new relationships were built that have given rise to new ideas for organisations and for the network itself.

Initially FSM conducted and published a study on the challenges of TCN organisations and their members in Malta, and the methods organisations used to address these challenges. Based on this study FSM collaborated with a partner organisation in Portugal, Bairros, to design and implement a capacity building programme. Training was given in network development, collective leadership, open space methodology and strategic planning. Several organisations attended this programme and gained new knowledge and competences necessary within their own organisation. Further assistance was given to communities who wanted to develop an organisation, in how to develop and articulate a vision, mission and objectives, as well and how to develop a statute.  Two communities registered their organisation with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations as a result of this process.

During this training a core team was formed to work on the development of TSN Malta. The team discussed the organisation’s development, and developed its statute, name and logo. On the 21st September 2015 TSN Malta organised urs first intercultural event at Smart City, with the participation of 15 different organisations. In the coming year TSN Malta continues to meet prospective members, and will be organising seminars to discuss diverse issues effecting third country nationals in Malta.


The development of TSN Malta started through an EEA funded project led by the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM). Read More


Browse through this section for a selection of studies and papers concerning the integration of third country nationals in Malta. Read More


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