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TSN Malta was developed by the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) in collaboration with several organisations and communities of migrants working and living in Malta, and including other Maltese and EU citizens who are part of diasporas from non-EU countries. The initiative was made possible through an EEA grant that was made available to FSM after submitting an application, and the work started in September 2013 when FSM conducted an initial research with 16 different organisational and community leaders to understand the diverse challenge that TCNs face in Malta, and the difficulties of TCN organisations in addressing these challenges. The research, entitled ‘Third Country voices’, assisted FSM to identify common organisational challenges, to assist communities in self organising, and to build a training programme that develops the capacity of organisations to build coalition, and to develop competences in conflict resolution, strategic planning, collective leadership and representation.

TSN Malta was formed through a process of discussion and the development of a core team of TCN organisations that developed the statute of the organisation, its membership and strategic plan. The first Interim Executive Committee was formed from this core team, however all participants remain important in their continuing contribution to the continuous development of TSN Malta. TSN Malta was registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in Malta in October 2015.

The vision of TSN Malta is to build a sense of solidarity, a culture of respect and non-discrimination where Third Country Nationals are fully integrated in Malta.

The mission of TSN Malta is to work for the integration of Third Country Nationals in Malta through education, economic, social and cultural activities that promote diversity and foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.


The objectives of TSN Malta are:


  1. To promote multiculturalism through education, media and social events;
  2. To support and build the capacity of third country national organisations in reaching goals related to the mission of TSN Malta;
  3. To advocate for third country nationals by engaging in policy discussion at national and international levels;
  4. To support bilateral relations between Malta and countries of origin; and
  5. To facilitate networking among the multicultural business community in Malta.


The Interim Executive Committee is made up of:

  • Dr Ahmed Bugre, Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants – President
  • Mr Gordhan Mohnani, Indian-Maltese Community – Secretary
  • Dr Ahmed Shembesh, Libya Foundation for Rehabilitation – Treasurer
  • Ms Teresa Hudson, Libya Foundation for Rehabilitation – Board Member
  • Ms Intsar Bashir, Arab-Maltese Community – Board member
  • Mr Samson Yosef Abdela, Oromo Community in Malta – Board member
  • Mr Ali Konate, Migrants’ Network for Equality – Board member


The development of TSN Malta started through an EEA funded project led by the Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM). Read More


Browse through this section for a selection of studies and papers concerning the integration of third country nationals in Malta. Read More


TSN Malta

2, John F. Marks Street

San Gwann SGN1233

T: +356 21375862

M: +356 99273597

E: info@tsnmalta.org

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